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Your Favorite Independent Authors


Let's start a thread where we share the independent authors and books that we really enjoyed.

My theory is, rather than slapping down authors whose work may not be up to our standards, let's lift up those that are. I mean, which would motivate you more, being told your work sucks, or being told that what you wrote really made someone's day?

I'll start with Brock Deskins. His earlier books in the Sorcerer's Path series have their rough edges, it's true, but the story of a young boy born to privilege, only to have it destroyed by political machinations is still, at its core, a very solid tale.


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I read and really enjoyed an urban fantasy novel by Martin Cosgrove called The Destiny of Ethan King. Apparently the sequel's in the works. He's just released a funny paranormal short story too. Also liked Demigod by Jaron Lee Knuth.