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  1. Adventures of the Last Aygiff

    Adventures of the Last Aygiff

    A fantasy/adventure novel series written for young adult audience (particularly middle school on up). Originally wrote it as something a friend's daughter would like to read, but also wish it to be something my nephews can read when they become pre-teen/teenagers. The story follows a teenager...
  2. Mari More

    Lazuli: I am Iris

    Hi everyone! I created my own and new Wattpad account where I'll be publishing my story. I already put three posts in Wattpad and it's up to Chapter One already (Synopsis and Prologue were also posted) but I am currently on Chapter Five (not yet uploaded but will do after editing it) as well as...
  3. Fantasy Writing

    Fantasy Writing

    Hello Hello there young one, fancy seeing you here. Welcome to my fantasy writing portfolio. In this I will be posting short stories, and Chapters from my novels, and just some some fun chapters for the jest. I write in Sci-Fi and Medieval fantasy, so if you like that then you're in luck as...
  4. Laurence

    Premature Beta Readers

    My current WIP is my first serious attempt at a novel. It's a trilogy that I've world built and plotted pretty deeply and I'm now at the end of the first chapter. I edited this first chapter as I went along. I know that's super naughty but I'm trying to figure out what kinda writing I'm about...