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Mari More

Hi everyone! I created my own and new Wattpad account where I'll be publishing my story. I already put three posts in Wattpad and it's up to Chapter One already (Synopsis and Prologue were also posted) but I am currently on Chapter Five (not yet uploaded but will do after editing it) as well as other chapters (not yet included in the final, edited book) so you won't need to wait long for updates.

Title: Lazuli: I am Iris
Author: Manyana_Hobbit (me :) )
According to the prophecy, the first female to be born in Cerulean nobility will be the kingdom's hope. Iris, the daughter of King Adrian, was born after generations of Cerulean nobility not having a daughter and became known as her kingdom's hope. She faces difficulties as she struggle to do her best for her kingdom while laying low in fear of being seen as a thorn by her brothers on their path to the throne.
Coming from Earth and reincarnating to a different world full of magic, she struggles to adjust to her new home as she forces her own "Earthly" ideas to the people of her new world. Can she sway them to embrace her own ideas and beliefs or will she be an outcast who'll be viewed as an odd one out?
Synopsis (Description 2):
I, Iris Cylian Lazuli, the only princess of Cerulean Kingdom almost died right after I was born.
Adrian Benedictus Lazuli, a man with an iron fist, is a strict and noble king praised for his ruling in the kingdom. Since young, he was regarded as a genius who will carry the declining kingdom where it was once. Although I am a daughter from his fifth consort, I have him wrapped around my fingers.

Account link: Manyana_Hobbit - Wattpad
Story link: Lazuli: I am Iris - Manyana_Hobbit - Wattpad

P.S. the title is not yet final. I want it something to be something short but with kick like Can Anyone Help Me Choose a Fitting Title to My Story. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment on this link :)

Love, M.