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  1. N

    Short Story Entitled: The Superland Enigma

    Just a short story that needs working on and perhaps some improvement. It contains a lot of sci-fi/philosophical themes, which help establish a kind of allegorical nuance. The story also ventures into metaphysical realms of individual experience. Link to story: The Superland Enigma Synopsis...
  2. Mari More

    Great story idea but don't know if I should continue writing so I need help

    Hi guys! I have this idea for my (future) work. The setting won't be in Earth, it'll be in entirely diff. world. I want both genders to have same standing in the society as much as possible but I don't want them to "mix" with each other. I want a prejudice or a clear divide on what each gender...
  3. Mari More

    Lazuli: I am Iris

    Hi everyone! I created my own and new Wattpad account where I'll be publishing my story. I already put three posts in Wattpad and it's up to Chapter One already (Synopsis and Prologue were also posted) but I am currently on Chapter Five (not yet uploaded but will do after editing it) as well as...
  4. Fantasy Writing

    Writing fantasy: Choosing a plot, Lesson 1

    One of the most difficult things a person can do when creating a new novel is creating a plot. But there are ways around this. In the last portfolio entry I talked about keeping a short notebook on hand and writing in it, this is where it really comes in handy. I carry mine round with me...
  5. D

    Need critique for a story synopsis

    In the world of nexus all beings strive to achieve one thing – enchance their souls and feed their divine spark to ascend beyond mortal flesh and join the ranks of the gods. Many a millenia have passed since the creation of nexus and yet to this day only four beings have succeded in this...
  6. Treatment Day

    Treatment Day

    The first thing you notice is the taste. It enters your nose and settles on your tongue like a bad memory made of bleach, metal, and despair. You try to swallow it down as you take your seat, but it only gets worse. The blue recliners are cold and hard. The blanket they give you is scratchy...
  7. bob1thousand

    strength of armor vs crushing

    I have a question about armor strength. As I've previously stated in other posts, I'm writing a story with naga (human's with snake legs that can apply 90 pounds of pressure per square inch. full post describing them here: Opinion on my naga race and question about biology) How would various...
  8. ChaoticanWriter

    Save the Cat! Beat Sheet

    A useful tool for outlining works of writing (scripts or novels), a beat sheet helps you keep the progression of a story in line with the specific beats of a story as they follow the Three Act progression. I've written up an article outlining the beat sheet, providing a visual example of the...
  9. D

    Mermaid Story

    Hi all. I'm fairly new here, and am looking for a place to receive some feedback about my stories. The current story I'm working on is about a new girl, Ambra, who moves to town, who is actually a mermaid, or siren to be exact. The girls are naturally jealous of her because she is so...
  10. Sing a Mournful Melody by Juli D. Revezzo

    Sing a Mournful Melody by Juli D. Revezzo

  11. Among Strangers

    Among Strangers

    Developing my backgrounds and placement. I'm more a character artist, but I've been branching out and practicing with architecture and full pieces for a little while. This is artwork for my story Innocenza.