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Yep, I use it, great tool.
Have found an even better one recently, Edson’s ‘The Story Solution’, which breaks that kind of structure/paradigm down even further. He calls it ‘the hero goal sequences’. I highly recommend it.


Thanks for this! Definitely will use it :)

Also will google the story solution one. Anything to help me plot better!
Thanks I've been hearing about this a lot lately and am having some trouble with my plot so now off to do it.
Thanks as I was planning on avoiding writing tonight under the excuse that I was getting annoyed with it.


Found the diagram way too confusing to be honest, couldn't follow it. The writing was so small inside the diagram that I couldn't read it. So had to go else where to find out more.
I edited my first post but can't remember whether I posted it or not and I'm tired so my brain isn't working well, sorry.

As someone new to this method I did find the diagram hard to follow (but then I'm better with bullet points as my eyes get confused)

Also the writing was so small in the diagram that I couldn't make it out without enlarging my screen. Otherwise it was a good article.