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fantasy romance

  1. Mari More

    Lazuli: I am Iris

    Hi everyone! I created my own and new Wattpad account where I'll be publishing my story. I already put three posts in Wattpad and it's up to Chapter One already (Synopsis and Prologue were also posted) but I am currently on Chapter Five (not yet uploaded but will do after editing it) as well as...
  2. Chapter 30 - House Arrest

    Chapter 30 - House Arrest

    3 May It was a cloudy day. Outside, a soft rain was sprinkling down upon the Gumberwood. Though the trees provided cover from the rain, a misty fog had set itself low to the ground, making residents prefer to stay inside their doors. Due to the unideal weather, Damien and Naelen spent their...
  3. Chapter 28 - High Tide

    Chapter 28 - High Tide

    28 April Damien finished a day's work in the forge before going over to Ashlyn's house in the early evening. He refused to admit that he felt shaken and nervous. Still, he wanted to honor his agreement to meet with her. He knocked on the door and was a bit surprised that Ashlyn had answered it...
  4. Chapter 27 - The Growing Spark

    Chapter 27 - The Growing Spark

    Once back at her house, Ashlyn had Damien lay down on her mother's sofa. His head rested back as Ashlyn knelt down beside him. "Perhaps you should open your shirt," she said, resisting the redness creeping into her cheeks. Giving a pensive stare, Damien undid the buttons on his shirt and let...
  5. Chapter Eighteen- An Elvish Blessing

    Chapter Eighteen- An Elvish Blessing

    Back in the comfort of home, Lanara tended to the bloody wound on Damien's cheek. Around them, the winter feast had turned into heavy celebration. Kallus, Naelen, and Calda all sat by the fire to warm themselves. Calda had a wool blanket wrapped around her shoulders and a mug of hot tea...
  6. Chapter Thirteen- A Gentle Warning

    Chapter Thirteen- A Gentle Warning

    Ashlyn paced about the meadow, growing determined. “There has to be something I can do to help,” she said. “I am not the telepath Lothira is, but I can read you.” Damien scoffed at the idea. “After how much it hurt for Lothira to read me, I’ll pass. Can we get out of this place? I’m hungry.”...
  7. Tales from Lorianthil

    Tales from Lorianthil

    Tales from Lorianthil chronicles the lives and adventures of four youths belonging to various races and cultures. There's Damien, the orphan who gets adopted by Lor elves, Ashlyn, the mage who possesses empathic and prophetic powers, Naelen, the witty, sassy swordsman, and his sister, Lila, who...