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Tales from Lorianthil

  1. Portfolio Description

    The Tales from Lorianthil series chronicles the stories and adventures of four meaty characters: Amilié, Ashlyn, Damien, and Naelen.

    Amilié is a dark elf from a barren land called Eolnir. She is feisty yet gentle, dark but lovely. She feels deeply, but has long since learned to play things close to the chest. Everything about her encompasses a conflicting duality in one form or another. As a child, Amilié felt safe and happy, but things quickly turned sour when her mother passed away. Unable to bear life at home, Amilié ran off to Eolnir and has been scraping by in order to survive. Her biggest flaw: she struggles to choose between what is best for her and for her loved ones.

    Ashlyn is a Sorceress who's birthright is to be Queen of Lorianthil. Born with immeasurable power, she keeps the humans and elves of Lorianthil in line. She is wise beyond her years and possess a bubbly sense of humor. Her greatest flaw, however, is that she does not like to take large risks. As a Sorceress, she possesses the ability to peek into many possible futures. When one can see the future, it tends to bring fear and worry over the outcome. Even as Queen, Ashlyn will struggle to trust in her own people.

    Damien is a mortal man who comes from humble-- even abusive-- beginnings. He was raised in captivity and tortured by the dark elves. Though his early years were not happy or ideal, Damien managed to escape his captors in Eolnir. By the age of twelve, he found a new home in the lush, green forest of Gumber. Determined to raise his station, he began training as a swordsmith and a fighter. Now, he works as a captain of intelligence and operates his own team of elite agents. Though he's a capable warrior, Damien is stubborn and hard to get through to. He doesn't like taking the advice of those who are wiser and more experienced.

    Naelen is a Lor elf who hails from Gumber. He is the son of a wealthy elf lord and the second of two children. He and his older sister, Lila, have a classic sibling rivalry. On the surface, Naelen's life is picture perfect. He has everything he needs: a stable family, parents who believe in the power of unity, and a promising career as an agent. The only thing he doesn't have: a faithful companion to walk the journey of life with. His worst habit: denial.

    About Author

    L.K. Youmans is a music teacher by day and a novelist by night. Also, she likes sloths.
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