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  1. D

    Goddess for arthurian legends based fantasy world?

    Been planning a novel and I decided to base it on Arthurian legends which is fine there is enough content and different ways to tell the legend that can I do quite a lot with it. Problem is I need some Goddesses for my story, but after looking I couldn't really find any related to Arthurian...
  2. Tales from Lorianthil

    Tales from Lorianthil

    Tales from Lorianthil chronicles the lives and adventures of four youths belonging to various races and cultures. There's Damien, the orphan who gets adopted by Lor elves, Ashlyn, the mage who possesses empathic and prophetic powers, Naelen, the witty, sassy swordsman, and his sister, Lila, who...
  3. Sophia


    The Sorceress Sophia, daughter of Zeatt and assistant archivist of magic relics for Archmage Drake. From 'The Knights of Northmarch'.
  4. In the blood 3

    In the blood 3

    Aurei, now a Paladin, confronts her biological parents-who are vampires- for the first time. From 'Bane of the Necromancers'.