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  1. Millano13

    Semi-realistic medieval-style world-building

    Hello everyone! I'm new here, and I still haven't written anything but I am working on my first story—or at least the structure, characters, and world-building for now. I would love to know your opinion about realistic world-building, especially in a European medieval style. I want interesting...
  2. BJ Swabb

    Chapter Twenty Nine: Lost In The Woods

    Using the Olden Stone, Bredan and Razyln travels by foot out of the Highland Swamplands, and straight into Fairfield Forest. The forest itself was similar to the forest where Bredan grew up in, which was known as The Misty Forest. The slight difference is that the misty fog was not as thick as...
  3. Tales from Lorianthil

    Tales from Lorianthil

    Tales from Lorianthil chronicles the lives and adventures of four youths belonging to various races and cultures. There's Damien, the orphan who gets adopted by Lor elves, Ashlyn, the mage who possesses empathic and prophetic powers, Naelen, the witty, sassy swordsman, and his sister, Lila, who...
  4. The Wild Hunt

    The Wild Hunt

    Digital fantasy art of a sidhe inspired version of the Wild Hunt. Please feel free to let this imagine inspire a story idea.