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Chapter Twenty Nine: Lost In The Woods

Using the Olden Stone, Bredan and Razyln travels by foot out of the Highland Swamplands, and straight into Fairfield Forest. The forest itself was similar to the forest where Bredan grew up in, which was known as The Misty Forest. The slight difference is that the misty fog was not as thick as it was back in his home forest. Light from the sun seem to push through the branches giving off a heavenly feel, as deer stood still in the distance, squirrels chase each other in the trees, and birds chirp and flutter about.

As they walk on Bredan’s ears perk with alertness as ruffling of foliage is seen ahead of the travelers. The ruffling came from a bottlebrush buckeye bush that sits up against a large maple tree. Handing the crystal to Razlyn, Bredan pulls off his bow and slips out an arrow from his quiver. The woodland elf slowly approaches the wild bush and pulls back his bowstring. Suddenly the ruffle stops and out jumps a small biped creature. This odd looking creature stood three foot and four inches tall on two cloven pig feet. He has a potbelly, thin brown fur all over his body, a pig’s tail, snout and head, with cat-like eats and a large mouth with a flap like chin. A pair of tusks protrudes from her large mouth. He has human hands, and wears a dirty brown shirt that doesn’t fit over his stomach and blue shorts.

“Don’t shoot!” the creature yells out holding out his hands. “I mean you no harm!”

“Who are you? Why were you hiding in that bush?” Razlyn questions in a soft tone.

“Names Mack the Hoggoblin. Sorry if I worried you. There’s a creature in these woods that some of us don’t like to come eye to eye with, if you know what I mean.” the creature answers.

“What creature would this be?” Bredan asks.

“Tiny.” Mack comments. “You know the chimera? Large vicious beast that will tear you into tiny pieces?”

“Never heard of him. Why don’t you enlighten us.” Bredan asks.

Mack slaps his hand against his forehead, “Uh…seriously? Is wavy locks here always this clueless?”

Bredan glares at the pig like creature, “Say something else runt and see what happens next.”

“Talk about a grump. Relax a little pretty boy.” Mack giggles. “I’ll tell ya all about Tiny.”

“Who is this Tiny, Mack? Please explain. We’re not actually from these parts.” Razlyn asks nicely.

“Like I said he’s a chimera. He has the body of a giant grizzly bear, head and mane of a lion, tail of a scorpion, spotted cheetah like fur, and large clawed paws the size of an elephant hoof. He’s not nice, and will kill anything in it’s way. No one here ever messes with him.” Mack comments.

“He doesn’t sound that bad. We’ve been through worst then a large cat.” Bredan gloats. “After all we have faced dragons, giants, and revenants.”

“That is true Bredan, but we should not count this creature out yet. We know nothing what it is capable of.” Razlyn replies.

“We’ll keep our ears perked and eyes open for this Tiny, but we should keep moving. Let this hoggoblin do whatever he’s doing.” Bredan replies.

“I’m scourging, rounding up food for the winter, duh!” Mack comments.

“That was rude and uncalled for little guy.” Razlyn comments.

“What you expect from a creature like me? Especially since I was almost screward by your face model there.” Mack grasp a few berries from a nearby berry bush and stuffs his mouth.

“Red just ignore him. Let him be.” Bredan tells Razlyn. “I am sure he can take care of himself out here.”

Watching the hoggoblin climb the maple tree and flips it’s long frog like tongue out at a bluebird and eating it whole, Razlyn sighs shaking her head. “Perhaps you’re right, love. I am sure his harvesting is greatly important for him.”

“Kinda disgusting creature isn’t he?” Bredan scrunches his face as he watches the hoggoblin chew up the bird, with feathers and all.

“B, do you really know where we are going?” Razlyn asks as she started walking away from the chubby pig creature with Bredan.

“I can figure it out. I think the crystal will show us most of the way.” Bredan tells Razlyn.

“You have no clue where we are do you? This crystal may be pointing us towards Damien, but we don’t know what we are facing in here. Perhaps we should ask Mack to help us?” Razlyn suggests.

“No way! Out of the question. That thing will eat all of our food with in minutes, and he is defiantly the rudest creature I have ever met.” Bredan complains.

“Bredan stop being like that. He may be the only one who can help us at the moment. We have no clue where we are.” Razlyn tells the woodland elf as she back tracks back to the hoggoblin.

As Razlyn confronts the small pig like creatures she finds herself starring at Mack who has his long tongue up his right nostril sucking out the gooey snot from his snout. “Um…excuse me Mack. Sorry for interrupting whatever you are doing, but perhaps you could assist us?”

Mack turns and slowly removes his tongue from his nostril, and wipes his mouth with his sleeve. “Oh you’re back eh? What kind of help does a lovely gal like you need?”

“We are kind of lost. We have no clue where we are going, or even where we are. Was wondering if you could assist us?” Razlyn asks.

“What do I look like to you, a tour guide?” Mack asks.

“Of course not, but we are desperately needing your assistance Mack.” Razlyn responds.

“Your righteous man over there don’t think so.” Mack crosses his arms. “Why should I help someone like him?”

“You two are a piece of work.” Razlyn shakes her head. “Mack, elves are pretty stubborn. You must look beyond that as they will come to see that help is needed when the time is right. Bredan doesn’t mean any harm, he is just overly confident in himself like most elves are. Always thinking they don’t need help. A flaw they have that will someday kick them in the ass.”

Mack begins to laugh, “That is so true, so true indeed.”

“So will you please assist us in getting out of this forest?” Roslyn asks.

“For you gorgeous, of course I will.” Mack hops down out of the tree. “Where are ya heading anyways?”

“Actually we aren’t quite sure. You see we are following this crystal here.” Razlyn shows the Olden Stone to Mack, “It is suppose to bring us to our friends.”

“Walking the lands blind eh? Kind of a risky situation.” Mack comments. “I tell you what, I’ll lead you out towards Snowflake Mountain. There you may be able to travel towards your destination with out meeting Tiny.”

“We would deeply appreciate it.” Razlyn grins, “And to show you for how thankful we are we will provide you a bundle of food for you can have to store for your winter.”

Mack laughs, “Winter’s so far off. I’m really just a fat hungry guy! Love food.

“Still we would like to give you something for your troubles.” Razlyn comments.

“Very well love-bucket I’ll take the food. Food is always nice to have.” Mack grins.

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