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  1. HaydenCreed

    Gods and Deities interference in your world

    Hello, I am having kind of hard time trying to make it Paramount in my fantasy world that there are gods and deities but they are not interfering in lives of mortals. There are races that don’t even believe in gods so that might be easier, but how would people that believe in their god still...
  2. Trailofstardust

    Worldbuilding a demonic pantheon

    Some time ago, I got the idea for a middle-grade fantasy story involving demons from the Swedish book series "Demondeckarna" (title means "Demon Detectives"). Some of the concepts in the book were interesting but the execution and writing was sub-par. The characters were bland and undeveloped...
  3. Asdrashari_Tales

    Ideas on designing an eastern pantheon (Ainu/Japanese/Chinese inspired)?

    I'm inspired by eastern cultures and am keen to have a quartet of deities implemented in my worldbuilding (myths and tales will come soon when the time comes). As I wanted the deities to be as relatable as possible, I have chosen each one of them to represent a basic necessity of life that is...