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  1. J

    Is The Climate Map for My Alternate Earth Accurate?

    Here is a map of an alternate Earth that I've been building and rebuilding for years: Map by Mikael Asikainen To make things easier on all of us, myself included especially, at the bottom left is a legend on this world's elevation. The differences become most apparent when comparing this...
  2. Mari More

    Can Anyone Help Me Choose a Fitting Title to My Story

    Just like the title of this thread, I would like to ask you guys to help me choose a title for my story. The story has magic-related elements in it and it's important in the story as a whole. Fire element, water element, earth element, air element, light and shadow element. My main character...
  3. v_legolas_gleaf

    [2019] : What kind of laptop do you use to write on?

    As of 2019, what kind of laptops does everyone use to write their articles / stories on? I'm curious to know as I might get a new laptop for writing myself down the line. All inputs and replies will be appreciated! :happy::cat:
  4. J

    Wind Pattern and Ocean Currents in This Alternate Earth

    The dark browns in this map are the mountains, the light browns the resulting uplifts and the blacks the igneous provinces still visible to the naked eye with no consideration of millions of years of erosion. The question is actually simple--what will the wind patterns and ocean currents look...
  5. Ewolf20

    Is it normal for me to write characters of the opposite sex/gender?

    I just now realized that a lot of ideas i've written down tend to have male protags. only a few them have a female character as the lead. the funny thing is I'm a girl yet i barely write people of my own gender ( or even). maybe i jsut like writing out of my comfort zone sometimes.