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  1. J

    Wind Pattern and Ocean Currents in This Alternate Earth

    The dark browns in this map are the mountains, the light browns the resulting uplifts and the blacks the igneous provinces still visible to the naked eye with no consideration of millions of years of erosion. The question is actually simple--what will the wind patterns and ocean currents look...
  2. J

    Farm-Raised Venison and Bison Before the Common Era

    According to The Modern Farmer, people have been farming deer since the 1970s. The link provided also explains the benefits deer farming has over conventional livestock farming. The one fundamental problem I have with this is that they're still farming wild deer. Which means that they are not...
  3. J

    Complete Geographical Map of Great Lakes Earth--And the Questions that Come With It

    All the questions are in this link, because of the "thousand-characters" deal.
  4. Ewolf20

    Why I made Ookraia and is fantasy still trying ot be creative

    disclaimer: I honestly don't read that many fantasy books so bias might rear its ugly head. But i do look up alot of fantasy media. Now, I know some people don’t spend time writing a full blown essay on why that did this or why they did that. But what I feel needs to be said came from a...