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  1. B

    Do you read your book out loud during editing?

    I saw this once and I do this for short stories and poems but... my novels are 120k words minimum. Reading it out loud is so painful to me. I'm not looking to publish them anyway, but do you do this?
  2. pmmg

    Finding an Editor

    For those that use a professional editor, who did you come to find the one you use? What do you think of them? Where they the first one you tried? What has your experience with been? What do you want to have in place before you send off your work for their pay for service?
  3. Eztlirald Kane Clairinda

    Free Proofreading/Editing

    Hello, My name is Ezzie and I want to help all the writers out there in exchange for them helping me. I want to pursue my dream of reaching the publishing and editing field for my career. My services are 100% free. After clicking on the following link, it should take you to my server where...
  4. Christa Elrod

    Hi All

    Hi All, I am Christa Elrod and I am a graphic designer at ProGlobalBusinessSolutions., a professional company providing end to end support for eBook publishing. I have helped fantasy authors with stunning and mystic book covers as well as unique promotional materials that have helped them make...
  5. M

    Will read and concept edit your work for FREE

    Hey guys, My names Ev and I'm a fantasy writer from Australia. I recently got back from studying at Faber Writing Academy in London where I wrote my first Fantasy Novel. Anyways, I'm trying to make a small scale publishing/feedback business for independent writers. I think that in today's age...
  6. JediKnightMuse

    Writing Resource Google Doc

    I was recently inspired to create a massive Google doc of writing resources for my writing forum (but also just for people in general to use), and figured I would share the link here. A lot of them are geared toward the fantasy genre, but there's a lot of general writing links as well. Over...