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    How do you get reviews for your work?

    Hello! I recently finished a fantasy short story, and I would like to get some feedback on it, but the problem is I don't know how I should get them. I already posted my work on Reddit, a discord group, without any feedback. I am not a native English speaker and don't live in an...
  2. 1580's Robe and Kirtle

    1580's Robe and Kirtle

    A black velvet was a popular fabric for this robe over a kirtle. It's a less formal look, and was often worn during pregnancy and nursing. They were often richly embroidered, but since I don't embroider, I used lace.
  3. Countess Dress 1570's

    Countess Dress 1570's

    Inspired by a portrait this dress is all synthetic velvet and satin. The black velvet is painted. I made this one in 2009 for an art competition.