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  1. Arthur Steele

    My name is Steele, Arthur Steele.

    Hello, my name is Steele, Arthur Steele. Actually my name is Frank and I play the character of Arthur Steele in a web series I wrote called "The Steele Dossiers". Its about a film noir detective that investigates the supernatural and science fiction. Each short film in the series is based on...
  2. Sarah.moore

    I'm reading The cruel prince ...

    Hi guys So I'm reading this book name The cruel prince by holy black . Its a first of three books . I read the first one and except this main guy character prince cardan i didn't like the rest so much . I mean the world is kind of messy , its kind of a fairy world which i think needs a lots of...
  3. J

    My Fantasy Artwork

    Fairy girl I drew for a children's book author who was looking to give her children's story a new coat of paint
  4. Fae Punk

    Fae Punk

    Rendered in DAZ Studio with Iray engine. Rendered two different images and layered them together in postwork.
  5. Prince of the Wild Hunt

    Prince of the Wild Hunt

    Digital fantasy of the Prince of the Wild Hunt.
  6. The Wild Hunt

    The Wild Hunt

    Digital fantasy art of a sidhe inspired version of the Wild Hunt. Please feel free to let this imagine inspire a story idea.