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first novel

  1. Juljio

    Something I always wanted to do

    I always wanted to write stories when I was young. Brimming with fantasies, but they faded a bit when I started going to school. I finished my studies not long ago and was looking back on what I always wanted to do. So I started with a little story I had in mind it's not much but I would love...
  2. ScrappyAuthor

    Cost of Magic

    So I am writing this novel that uses magic. I am very familiar with Brandon Sanderson's 3 laws of writing magic and am trying to find the best cost for my magic. I really don't want to use fatigue as a cop-out either. Does anybody have an idea for what would be a good cost? I was thinking maybe...
  3. FifthView

    So You're Gonna Write That First Novel, Huh?

    I stumbled on this interesting TED talk by Amanda Crowell, a cognitive psychologist, on the topic of "3 reasons you aren't doing what you say you will do." She's isolated three stages or three parts of what she calls "defensive failure" that might be holding you back from writing that first...