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  1. Fyri

    The Voice of the Forest

    Grandmother is giving us that look. It is the look of chores to be done. I glance to Musah, but it doesn’t seem like he’s noticed Grandma yet. “Just pretend you don’t see her,” he mutters, getting up from the breakfast table to sneak outside before Grandma says anything. “Isah, Musah,”...
  2. Trailofstardust

    Story inspired by "the book of Esther"

    I've got the idea for a story loosely by "the book of Esther" from the Hebrew bible; they share some similar story beats and parallels, but it's meant to be my own story. The story takes place in 16-or 17th century Sweden and follows a huldra who has been captured and enslaved by a landed...
  3. SkaldAndRaven

    Underrated and Inspiring Folklore and Mythologies

    As is obvious, a great deal of modern fantasy takes heavy inspiration from mythologies and stories from around the world. Nearly all of us know the big ones like Norse, Celtic, Greek, and Egyptian mythologies. These hardly scratch the surface though. There are so many different faiths, stories...
  4. D

    In a world where fantasy creatures live among us in coexistence, like Netflix's Bright movie, what would count as "Fantasy"?

    I have been thinking about this concept for a bit and can't seem to get a grasp on it. I hope some of you might be able to share your thoughts on this kind of topic :) Thanks !
  5. Arthur Steele

    My name is Steele, Arthur Steele.

    Hello, my name is Steele, Arthur Steele. Actually my name is Frank and I play the character of Arthur Steele in a web series I wrote called "The Steele Dossiers". Its about a film noir detective that investigates the supernatural and science fiction. Each short film in the series is based on...
  6. P

    Basic Question, need help!

    hello all, my name is Patrick jo, as you can see i am new on this platform, actually i've been searching for this kind of website before, to help me get an inspiration for my story. So the Idea for my writing is called Saint Michaelus, its an order created in medieval europe to terminate...
  7. Orc Knight

    My Fellow Scribes, A Little Help If You Would, Please.

    I don't know where to put this, so I'm shoving it in chit chat until some dev says otherwise. Anyways, here's the deal. I've got a class coming up in which I will be teaching Myth's, Legends and Folklores over a campfire. Parks & Rec have some of the great teaching area's. I have some idea's and...