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  1. Plinto

    What video game steals your time?

    If you don't play video games, gods bless you and please refrain from participating here. If you're a writer who DOES play video games, what's your favorite kind? What game are you absolutely obsessed with? I'll start: I'm obsessed with tactics games. Battle Brothers, XCOM, etc. I'm also...
  2. BearBear

    [Game] Last one to post wins!

    The rules are simple: the last person to post in this thread WINS.
  3. S.T. Ockenner


    This is a writing game of sorts- we'll each take turns fleshing out a monster, then I'll post it all in a portfolio when we're finished with the monster...then we can move on to the next. I'll start: (Name: Murgle) Murgles are tiny blue humanoids that live underwater. They have a countless...
  4. Futhark

    Idea for fun game/challenge

    Hi all. So I have an idea based on Ban's 5 Word Challenge that I'd like to try, simply cause it was so much fun. Basically its a round robin story, where each entrant must follow on from the previous posts, with an eye to the overall continuity. The rules are simple. You can only use 5 words...
  5. Futhark

    What do you think of my Avatar?

    I like to change up my avatar from time to time, But this time I think I’ve crossed a line. Too bold, too garish, it doesn’t feel like mine, Lend me your thoughts, give me a sign. P. S. Feel free to ask or comment about your own avatar, but please don’t mention my poor prose. P. P. S. I’m...