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  1. BearBear

    [Game] Last one to post wins!

    The rules are simple: the last person to post in this thread WINS.
  2. RavenLord

    Here goes nothing ...

    Well, here I go ... God bless Nebraska ... I would like to tell you I am a person who quite often comes up with various ideas and stories. I mostly tell them in my head and barely finish any of those. I thought to myself its just my silly imagination. Though about 2 years ago I decided to write...
  3. S.T. Ockenner


    Do any writers here cite Skylanders, with their swashbuckling adventures in the sky, unique magic powers, and strange characters, as an inspiration in any of their writing, or know of authors that do?
  4. S.T. Ockenner

    Best D&D character ideas ever

    Cool D&D character idea: an unarmed, unarmored, Kobold wizard named Jimmy the Dismemberer, who has an intelligence score so low that he cannot cast spells.