1. Eduardo Letavia

    Video essay about what is speculative fiction

    I came across a youtube video essay about what is speculative fiction and it's relationship with science fiction, and I thought it would be nice to share it with you here. Check the link below. Book Odissey channel: Science fiction vs speculative fiction. It also goes into giving concrete...
  2. Pup2701

    How to determine the genre of your passion project?

    I've been working on an idea of mine for a while now, and while it can be classified as a collection of short stories without a doubt, I can't distinguish what would lean this story more into the sci-fi, supernatural, or fantasy genre. (I've also heard of cosmic horror, but only a few stories in...
  3. Danskin

    Launch of Shadow Kingdoms: The Knights of Dawn

    Hi all, the first book of my new series is now out! The series is called Shadow Kingdoms, and the book is titled 'The Knights of Dawn'. This is a LitRPG fantasy novel. If you're not already familiar with LitRPG ("literature – role playing game" novels) then you should know that books in this...
  4. S.T. Ockenner

    Hope-punk vs Noblebright: What's the difference?

    I recently found out about these two Grimdark antonyms. Is there a difference between these two things?
  5. Firefly

    Why do you read/write fantasy?

    I've seen some people mention in threads here (and other places) reasons why readers are attracted to fantasy as a genre, and I find the subject interesting because everyone seems to have a different answer. What are your reasons? I'm also interested in the reasons why you choose to write...
  6. DataCharts


    20 most common attributions