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  1. Joieandlove

    Who let the dragon out again?

    Well, thought I might come by and saw hi, give little facts bout me and just say hi! Female 30's want to be writers Nerd Anime freak a bit loves nature has an odd cat lover of books has too many books Lives in MI
  2. v_legolas_gleaf


    Halloa everyone! Just joined this forum. I have a ton of questions regarding fantasy and hope to get them answered here in due course. I'm from India by the way and have exposure (meaning, "knowledge of") to many world cultures (European, American, Latin-American, Scandinavian, etc.) and hope...
  3. Bardic_Knowledge

    Hello! Stay a While and Listen

    Honestly, I've only beaten Diablo 1 and gotten to the second zone of Diablo 2, but I thought it was a unique way to title this. I've been working on a world for a while now that I decided I would like some help with. It started with a very threadbare story idea, and now I've got an entire...
  4. DVAus

    Hidy-ho, everybody.

    Generic warm greetings to forum peeps I don't know yet (but assume are all amazeballs). More generic description of the state of my current writerness. Witty sign off. Semi-ribald riposte to comments much wittier than my initial post. Ensue immediate regret that ribaldness might have...
  5. A

    Hello, nice to meet you all

    Hi, I joined this group to talk about writing Fantasy-Adventure, and talk about the great things that can be created through the written word, in the Fantasy universe.