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  1. B

    Closet Nerd in need of help

    Lurker here, I'm what some might consider a "closet nerd" I'm in the military and lift everyday so my friend group usually consists of people that do that but sometimes I crave for people with similar interests (WoW, lord of the rings, starwars, anime, legos and stuff) to approach me but to be...
  2. H

    Need help! summer themed faction!

    I have been creating a world influenced/created by gods, I have honorable knights of winter, time bending nomads of autumn and (maybe holy?) druids of spring, the thing is, summer is missing, and i want them to be there, every faction has some magics associated, nercomancy and cryomancy for...
  3. Mari More

    Can Anyone Help Me Choose a Fitting Title to My Story

    Just like the title of this thread, I would like to ask you guys to help me choose a title for my story. The story has magic-related elements in it and it's important in the story as a whole. Fire element, water element, earth element, air element, light and shadow element. My main character...
  4. Mari More

    Help! My Magic System is a mess and I need to allocate my sub elements :)

    Hi, I'm a new member of this community but I've been going in and out of this page for months now. Anyways, I'm a wannabe writer who writes about fantasy world stories. This time, I'm writing about a world revolving around magic and has no correlation or connection to 'Earth'. My world has no...
  5. ScrappyAuthor

    Cost of Magic

    So I am writing this novel that uses magic. I am very familiar with Brandon Sanderson's 3 laws of writing magic and am trying to find the best cost for my magic. I really don't want to use fatigue as a cop-out either. Does anybody have an idea for what would be a good cost? I was thinking maybe...
  6. Orc Knight

    My Fellow Scribes, A Little Help If You Would, Please.

    I don't know where to put this, so I'm shoving it in chit chat until some dev says otherwise. Anyways, here's the deal. I've got a class coming up in which I will be teaching Myth's, Legends and Folklores over a campfire. Parks & Rec have some of the great teaching area's. I have some idea's and...