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Help! My Magic System is a mess and I need to allocate my sub elements :)

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Mari More, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. Mari More

    Mari More Minstrel

    Hi, I'm a new member of this community but I've been going in and out of this page for months now. Anyways, I'm a wannabe writer who writes about fantasy world stories. This time, I'm writing about a world revolving around magic and has no correlation or connection to 'Earth'. My world has no official name (like Earth) but it is focused in a country in Doroveya continent. Just to inform you, the world only has one religion and one source of magic. From Kismet (it is derived from Filipino word kisapmata) who ordered five deities to go down to the lower realm and create the world where Doroveya is located. Then the five deities Dragona (fire), Limunsudan (water), Adarna (air), Lupine (earth), Ningning (light and shadow. basically deity of existence) who roamed the world and created everything from scratch. Now, the five deities each left an eternal flame before going back to the upper realm/immortal realm. These flames are the source of the people's magic. Everything is kinda established but the thing is I don't know where to put some "sub elements (not what I call it but it's the English term)" of these "magics." Can someone help me pin point the sub elements that shouldn't be part of main elements? And if you could also suggest some sub elements to me, I would greatly appreciate it

    Fire (Dragona): fire, control human desire (lust), seduce a person (derived from the term 'you're hot')
    Air (Adarna): air, lightning (air to air friction), enhanced stealth/agility, amplify (or mute) sounds, teleportation (it has to do with how fast one go from one place to another in just a blink of an eye), levitation, projection of image,
    asphyxiation, spiritual projection, detection of spiritual beings
    Water (Limunsudan): water, heal, prediction, create/projection of image, freeze
    Earth (Lupine): earth, grow plants/herbs/trees faster, shapeshifting, seismic sense, create glass, earthquake, and crystal, salt, gems, crystal, coal manipulation
    Light and Shadow (Ningning): remove someone's existence, memory manipulation, borrow light from objects, blind or give a person back his sight, invisibility, enhance/block someone else's power, create magic spells/enchantments

    Should I put lightning in fire or air? I originally put it in Fire because of A:TLA but now that I think of it, there's none to less fire involved in lightning.

    please note that there are two kinds of people in my world, people with magic and those who without magic. And magic is not frowned upon, it actually makes a person hold his head high in public. Another thing is that only people with magic can attend academies (although that would change later on as the story goes on).

    p.s. those people with magic are called Keepers since they "keep" a portion of the eternal flame with them until they die in which that portion would go back to the eternal flame.

    Feel free to ask me questions that would help you better understand my world :)
  2. Queshire

    Queshire Auror

    Hmmm..... well, with what you have written Air has a lot more going for it than fire. Because of that I'd suggest moving lightning over to fire to balance it out, but balancing them could also be achieved by just giving fire more aspects in general.
  3. Mari More

    Mari More Minstrel

    i am thinking of giving more sub elements to fire but i can't think of anything yet since it's mainly destructive and everything fire is really "fire" not like earth where it can help grow herbs. fire is just fire "cooking","heating","lust", and "rage". can you suggest some sub elements of fire?

    btw, thank you for your input i think it would also be better to balance the two out.
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  4. S.T. Ockenner

    S.T. Ockenner Istar

    While I understand QueshireQueshire 's point of balancing, I agree that lighting is much more air-oriented than fire oriented. Maybe it's in between air and fire?
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  5. Fatima Malik

    Fatima Malik New Member

    I'd like to think lighting would be part of Earth - creation.
    Not destruction like fire or manipulation like air.
    Lightning could cause fires but is not created from fires.
    Air may manipulate the clouds to clash to potentially cause lightning but it is mostly the friction that causes the lightning itself which I would think is Earth.
    Also lightning is a charge of energy, kind of similar to energy of creation - Earth
  6. I think you are fine with what you have but think more about what fire really is.

    Fire is the Sun, life, creation, light, warmth (love.. not just lust), ambition, positivity, passion, destruction, rebirth (Phoenix), innovation, invention, technology, art, etc etc.

    BTW: In your example of Earth, you put plants, but in reality plants don't need earth... they need water, air, and sun (fire).
  7. Mari More

    Mari More Minstrel

    I didn't think of it that way and i kinda like the idea. Thank you.

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