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  1. L.L. Maurizi

    A syntactics issue

    Hey guys! this may not be the right corner of this forum to open this thread (mods, feel free to move it to the appropriate spot, or let me know) Here is the thing. My editor and I got stuck for a bit on a small passage in my book, trying to choose the appropriate verb-tense. Here is the...
  2. L

    Perfectionism, pessimism and inexperience

    Hi. I'm Leonardo and I'm 22. I've always been an awkward person; the kind of awkward that would rather go to a library than a bar, or substitutes socializing with gaming. Perfectionism and pessimism were traits that accompanied me all my life. Naturally, this manifests in my writing too. I...
  3. L.L. Maurizi

    How do I go about it? Marketing/advertising is daunting

    Ever since I started writing my book, despite the many challenges involved in making that idea become a story, the thought that always kept me up at night the most was how to advertise my book and how to promote myself as an aspiring author to a potential audience that does not know of my...
  4. Mari More

    Great story idea but don't know if I should continue writing so I need help

    Hi guys! I have this idea for my (future) work. The setting won't be in Earth, it'll be in entirely diff. world. I want both genders to have same standing in the society as much as possible but I don't want them to "mix" with each other. I want a prejudice or a clear divide on what each gender...
  5. Mari More

    Can Anyone Help Me Choose a Fitting Title to My Story

    Just like the title of this thread, I would like to ask you guys to help me choose a title for my story. The story has magic-related elements in it and it's important in the story as a whole. Fire element, water element, earth element, air element, light and shadow element. My main character...
  6. Mari More

    My Main Antagonist is a Ghost/Evil Spirit so How Can I Kill Her?

    Please help, I put myself in a corner. So here goes. As my story progresses, it will be revealed that the main antagonist is a dead soul who was once a fire magic user. she was once a powerful magic user but in her time, women are oppressed so she was also belittled even though she was reaaally...
  7. Mari More

    Which of These is the Strongest Element

    Hi! I'm writing this story where everything revolves around magic users and there are ONLY five elements (but each has many sub elements) namely fire, water, earth, air, and light and shadow. The first four elements are what we're all familiar with while the fifth element is called light and...
  8. Mari More

    Help! My Magic System is a mess and I need to allocate my sub elements :)

    Hi, I'm a new member of this community but I've been going in and out of this page for months now. Anyways, I'm a wannabe writer who writes about fantasy world stories. This time, I'm writing about a world revolving around magic and has no correlation or connection to 'Earth'. My world has no...
  9. N

    How does one counter writers block?

    I’m at a loss, I’m at my wits end. I have so many ideas and inspirations but when I put pen to paper all of it goes flying out the window. And when I do create anything I throw it out 5 minutes later! Am I doing something wrong, what can I do to remove this writers block? What do you guys do to...
  10. Sarah.moore

    Help for writing in English

    Hi there I just start writing a fantasy book in English but English isn't my native language , i can speak and understand English pretty well but writing a book is a whole different thing and I'm not sure how to improve my writing ability and style to be good enough . So can anyone help me with...
  11. P.A. Trujillo

    Help Depicting Names

    So for my fantasy world, I am using the languages of our world to create names for my fictional characters, countries and kingdoms. But I don't fully trust Google Translate, so I am seeking the help of anyone who knows any language other than English to help me write believable. If you can give...
  12. John Dragneel

    Looking for help

    Hey everyone I am brand new to this website but I came looking for help. I am planning on writing a book and need helps with name for nations/countries/factions. This is just the start and I will probably need help with other stuff too but for now this is what I need. If anyone has the time...
  13. Hyzaleia

    Help with a Witch?

    Hey guys, I literally just made my account so I'm brand new. I have never been in or on a forum so I'm not used to asking for help. Hope I'm doing this right? So in this book of mine, I created a character. She's only going to be temporary. A roadblock in the other characters travels. She's an...
  14. Giovanni

    self-conscious about novel idea

    This is going to come off as rambling more than anything else. But its been on my mind and I feel like I have to share it, for my own sake. For the past couple days I have been working on a light (or young adult) type of fantasy novel because I enjoy reading them. It was hard to get used to the...
  15. Axiels von Gerick

    Holy swords ?

    Needing some ideas about holy swords/weapons and powers that they can unleash
  16. Axiels von Gerick

    Working on a multiple continent fantasy work

    My world will have around several continent's in the world the trouble I'm having is the various cultural adaptation along each continent and as well as more races that aren't too keen on humans and elves and etc... btw i am new to this community and I joined to expand my own knowledge hope we...
  17. G

    Just need opinions

    Hey, Some people here inspired me saying I should not say that I’m not good at something before I’ve tried it. So I’m creatig my own magical world, which I would love to turn into a comic one day. It's still just a sketch but I would like you to give me your opinions for what I have so far...
  18. Writer’s_Magic

    How can I get an extreme fluffy writing style?

    Yeah! I know, what you are going to say, “Write! Read! And practice!”. I did it, and I didn’t stop to do it yet. But it doesn’t work. However, a fluffy writing style is important. The reader doesn’t want eyesore because you wrote too many words. So, do you have other tips than what I wrote and...