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magic systems

  1. Dare Pelletier

    Which Magic system best suits my World?

    My world is a high fantasy secondary world inspired by the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression. The world has the technology of this time period and also will have a magic system which coexists with the technology. I have several ideas for my magic system, but can’t decide which one to...
  2. Michael Roy

    Is giving mortals a way to temporary immortality too op?

    I have a story finished up, but I'm reconsidering making some major edits. I came up with two potions that could give mortals (aka humans) temporary powers in this story. One called Immortalem Interficere allows a mortal person the power to kill an immortal person for 24 hours. The catch is...
  3. H

    Necromancy rules

    so, I just wanted to post how necromancy works on my world, so it may help you: 1 . revival: reviving something is fairly simple with necromancy, you can easily revive a corpse, but, it depends in which state is the corpse to be revived, if its only bones (aka a skeleton) the energy that is...
  4. T

    New Magic System - The Will

    Hi all, new magic system idea. Popped in my head and I ran with it. There is a dimension between different words known variously as The Else, Abyss, The Other. It is a realm inhabited by spirits and from where magic originates. It is separated from the Mortal Worlds but can be ‘perceived’ by...
  5. Mari More

    Which of These Elements Can Enhance One's Eyesight

    I have five specific elements but I omitted Light & Shadow in my choices since there's no one who have this specific element except the MC. This is about the MC's Captain of the Guards/Knights. He is a bulky and strong man and has a kind heart. He's also a "simp" for the MC. He is one of the...
  6. Mari More

    Which of These is the Strongest Element

    Hi! I'm writing this story where everything revolves around magic users and there are ONLY five elements (but each has many sub elements) namely fire, water, earth, air, and light and shadow. The first four elements are what we're all familiar with while the fifth element is called light and...
  7. Mari More

    Help! My Magic System is a mess and I need to allocate my sub elements :)

    Hi, I'm a new member of this community but I've been going in and out of this page for months now. Anyways, I'm a wannabe writer who writes about fantasy world stories. This time, I'm writing about a world revolving around magic and has no correlation or connection to 'Earth'. My world has no...
  8. D

    Attempting to create a Magic System that generalizes all types of magic

    Im trying to use all types of magic in story and i am trying to come up with a formula for it (it just came naturally) and I having a tough time calling it. Magic used by wizards, warlock, witches, arcane users, or elemental magic, and the like from Harry Potter and Avatar to Fairy Tail and...
  9. S.T. Ockenner

    New Attempt At A Magic System

    So, I want there to be different types of magic- I already have elemental magic, it is casted by using special elemental orbs that are very rare and look like Skyrim spells (a bit of fire in someone's hand) but I need other types of magic too. I am not doing a spell system, I'm doing a more...
  10. S.T. Ockenner

    Worldbuilding: Magic System Subforum

    I notice that some forums (e.g. Writing Challenges) have sub-forums (e.g. Weekly Writing Challenge). I think World-Building should have a Magic System sub-forum for magic system advice specifically, given the vast amount of magic system based threads. Can someone implement this please?
  11. S.T. Ockenner

    Magic System Idea

    Thaumturgic energy is a force in the universe that causes strange things to happen, and it can defy the laws of physics. Sorcerers are natural conductors of this force (nicknamed magic). Sorcerers can either channel raw magic to have a random effect, or they can create spells. Spells are...
  12. S.T. Ockenner

    Group Magic System Building

    1: Magic is a natural facet of the universe, and is found everywhere as an ambient force
  13. D

    Questions on Spirit attuning/capture magic system

    Hey there I was just wondering if I could step outside my own head and get the communities thoughts on a magic system I've been developing. This is in a very early phase. The world of Torrent is deeply connected to the Spirit World. Spirits are everywhere on the physical world. They exist as...
  14. d20kaiju

    “Dragon Magic” —what comes to mind?

    When you read the phrase “dragon magic” what comes to mind? I’m working on a piece that deliberately caters to old tropes of fantasy and trying to work within the old expectations to create something that feels fresh by the characters that live within the world and the magic they use. I’ve got...
  15. DragonRhapsody

    What would you call this magic spot?

    In my story, everyone has different levels of magic of what they can use (like some people just being really lucky all the time, they unconsciously use magic). Some people can direct magic (making them witches) and almost everyone can connect with magic at certain magic spots in the world. WHAT...
  16. C. R. Rowenson

    Name Your Favorite Magic System Cliches

    We all have those small guilty pleasures. What are some magic system cliches you can't get enough of? Me personally, I love any kind of magic that results in disturbing physical modifications or body horror. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that stuff doesn't exist, but I love seeing it in books...
  17. Lou Bill

    Help with my Magic System

    This system has light and dark magic, with dark magic accessible to anyone, and light magic only to fairybloods. Magic is connected with a kind of physic force, electromagnetic fields, and certain individuals (i guess with more fairy blood) are more powerful. Objects like crystals and wands help...