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What would you call this magic spot?

Discussion in 'World Building' started by DragonRhapsody, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. DragonRhapsody

    DragonRhapsody New Member

    In my story, everyone has different levels of magic of what they can use (like some people just being really lucky all the time, they unconsciously use magic). Some people can direct magic (making them witches) and almost everyone can connect with magic at certain magic spots in the world. WHAT would you call these spots of magic?

    Some ideas I had already, but am not satisfied with:
    A Vortex
    The Genesis
    The Wellspring
    The Heart of the Magic
    Magic Source
  2. pmmg

    pmmg Auror

    Well was the first thing to popped in to my head.

    I would suggest Mana Well, but if you have another name for magical energy, you could use that.
  3. Devor

    Devor Fiery Keeper of the Hat Moderator

    Stonehenge - that is, name the specific spot, and the structure built to amplify it. Like some do with Stonehenge.

    The leyline convergence... if you're using leylines that is.

    Vortex suggests swirling, chaotic energy. Not sure if that's quite what you're going for. I like Mana Well or Mana Wellspring well enough. Heart of Magic doesn't suggest more than one, but if one were found before the others or bigger than the others, it might grab the name. Magic Source is way on the nose.

    "Their magic source is known as the Heart of Magic, a mana wellspring at the leyline convergence, where so much magic gets pumped into one spot that it creates a vortex of powerful energies..... a place the natives call Stonehenge. It is the Great Genesis of their power."

    ^ The, uhh, magical handwavium is getting a little thick I guess. :unsure:

    Okay, let's forget all that for a second. Let's say that magic is a bit like water in the way that there are places where the rock is thin and the water leaks through to create an aquifer (or a well..... so not that original I guess). We'll call it a "mana-ifer" for a second. Where would these places be? Someplace where the thing that holds magic in place is gone or weak? If magic kind of naturally attaches to life (or some part of life), whether human or animal or plantlife, then a place with no life might become a mana sinkwell, where the mana just floods into with nothing to grab hold of. On the flipside, you might also have a mana sponge in maybe a rainforest, a place so full of life that not even traces of the magic flowing into it can escape. You could swap life with a different concept. Wishes, for example.

    Going with that idea, you'd look for words that suggest "Mana Sinkwell" and "Mana Sponge" for two very different kinds of magical hotspots. Vortex does kind of work for the first. Mana Pool could work for the second.
  4. C. R. Rowenson

    C. R. Rowenson Scribe

    I really like the term "Nexus"
  5. Night Gardener

    Night Gardener Inkling

    *Vein (like a vein of mineral ore).
    *Wellspring for positive energy, Darkdrain for bad energy uptake, or where you lose energy
    *Energy Axis, if the energy is plottable on a map
    *Vortex sounds chaotic, I agree with the other poster. But, that could be a 'roulette' type element. You could utilize it and get random results.
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  6. Hmm. I like a combination of the ideas of naming each, as with Stonehenge and the term well.

    An example in our world that comes to mind actually uses the word wells which defines a place where there are springs, like "Tunbridge Wells" in the UK. In our world this refers of course to water, but in your world it could be referring to wells of magic. I also like that it feels familiar and designates it as a spot where people come or make their pilgrimage to partake.

    My problem with some familiar words like vortex and genesis and the such is that, being common to readers, they'll conjure something altogether different than what I think you are reaching for here. Vortex denotes a force strong and swirling. And I imagine something large and dramatic in the case of genesis. Though, if that is how you picture these spots, then yes, that would work fine along with your descriptive prose.

    A simpler word not yet mentioned could be Hub.
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  7. Insolent Lad

    Insolent Lad Inkling

    Locus, maybe? Simply meaning a place but sounding a bit fanciful. And one could do hocus-pocus at the locus.
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  8. DragonRhapsody

    DragonRhapsody New Member

    Thank you everyone!! I loved the suggestions! I'm going to try using a few in some sample pages to see what will fit with my writing style and the story I'm telling. I'm hoping to have more than one story in this "realm."
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  9. K.S. Crooks

    K.S. Crooks Inkling

    I also like nexus and started to compare your situation to water- magic springs, geysers, wells. Another idea is that each location could be something different- cave, pond, mountain, forest, swamp, glacier, etc.
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  10. DragonRhapsody

    DragonRhapsody New Member

    I like that idea too! That each place would be a different type of magical spot! Thank you!
  11. Nirak

    Nirak Minstrel

    I didn't see this already, but what about "node" of some kind? To me a node is something to be mined, tapped into, more stable than a vortex, and then extracted, shaped, and formed.

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