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elemental magic

  1. Electro Queen

    Questions about fantasy weapons and weapon design

    Man its been awhile since I’ve posted anything on this website. This one’s gonna be a little different though. Rather than asking a single question in relation to a single underlying story/world building problem, this one’s gonna be broken down into a list of different questions all about a...
  2. I

    How do you handle Elemental Magic Systems?

    Before I get to the meat and potatoes of this subject, I just wanna quickly thank everyone who looked over and commented on my last thread about converting caloric energy into fuel for fire users to draw from. I got some extremely helpful answers from quite a few different people and for that, I...
  3. Mari More

    Which of These Elements Can Enhance One's Eyesight

    I have five specific elements but I omitted Light & Shadow in my choices since there's no one who have this specific element except the MC. This is about the MC's Captain of the Guards/Knights. He is a bulky and strong man and has a kind heart. He's also a "simp" for the MC. He is one of the...
  4. A shadowy portifolio


    Air Lightning Fire Lava Earth Slime Water Ice These are the elements, in a circle. . . . . . . . . .
  5. Mari More

    My Main Antagonist is a Ghost/Evil Spirit so How Can I Kill Her?

    Please help, I put myself in a corner. So here goes. As my story progresses, it will be revealed that the main antagonist is a dead soul who was once a fire magic user. she was once a powerful magic user but in her time, women are oppressed so she was also belittled even though she was reaaally...
  6. Mari More

    Which of These is the Strongest Element

    Hi! I'm writing this story where everything revolves around magic users and there are ONLY five elements (but each has many sub elements) namely fire, water, earth, air, and light and shadow. The first four elements are what we're all familiar with while the fifth element is called light and...
  7. Mari More

    Help! My Magic System is a mess and I need to allocate my sub elements :)

    Hi, I'm a new member of this community but I've been going in and out of this page for months now. Anyways, I'm a wannabe writer who writes about fantasy world stories. This time, I'm writing about a world revolving around magic and has no correlation or connection to 'Earth'. My world has no...
  8. S.T. Ockenner

    New Attempt At A Magic System

    So, I want there to be different types of magic- I already have elemental magic, it is casted by using special elemental orbs that are very rare and look like Skyrim spells (a bit of fire in someone's hand) but I need other types of magic too. I am not doing a spell system, I'm doing a more...
  9. Akira444

    My Elemental Magic System

    So, I think I made a similar thread about this a year or two ago when I first joined this site, but this is something new I wanted to throw out there for people to see. This magic system is of the elemental flavor, and is something that I based off of the Witchery magic system from the...