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  1. Fourth Horseman

    Fourth Horseman

    Fourth Horseman Personal series
  2. Welcome


    pen and ink- lower segment of the Doors of Destiny processed Digitally for a home page.
  3. Doors of Destiny

    Doors of Destiny

    Pen and Ink illustration entered into the St. Louis Fantasy Con. I went with my friend Lucy, who introduced me to her friend Mercedes Lackey whom se had met years and years ago. I was sworn to secrecy about Mercedes real name lol. I can't believe the tales they both shared with me. What a...
  4. Frodo's Home

    Frodo's Home

    Pen and Ink illustration I entered into the LOTR convention in Pasadena California back in 2005. This piece almost won I was told. lol...ahhh well. What can ya do eh? On an up note, on the back of its original matte board, it is signed by John Rhys-Davies (Gimli). I was chuffed to bits, because...