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  1. ManinMauve

    The Man in Mauve has arrived

    My username is ManInMauve, as in a man in mauve. I've been dubbed as Manny, and Muuv. So, Manny or Muuv are acceptable (and loved) nicknames. You can also call me, Niall. (Yes, like the singer.) I'm an old fart. A crotchety old fart, but I still love to have fun even when I'm grumpy. (Sort of...
  2. pmmg

    Just stuff we are watching

    Did not think it worth giving each its own thread, so kind of a catch all. Most recently saw 3000 years of longing. Must say, as I was watching it, I thought it might have some interesting things to say about story telling and was getting eager to share it here, but...it fizzled and did not...