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mythical creatures

  1. J

    Does anyone know all the weaknesses of Lycanthropes

    The most i can find is silver in different forms and wolfsbane (Aconitum)
  2. J

    Does anyone know lesser known shape changers or people that have the powers of animals

    Im looking for things like Therianthropy (people who can shift into an animal form), man-weres (animals that can shift into a human form), and just other shape changers because im trying to write my own bestiary but i dont want to just use all the well known ones. If you know any Shape changers...
  3. BJ Swabb

    Granderhill Volume Two: The Unexpected Journey

    Four Islands Two Great Adventures After visiting the first of the Four Isles on the Sea of Legends, Damien, Evelyn and their fellowship heads for Tormal Isle the second island in order to fulfill a deal they made with the leprechaun named Charles. During the expedition, Damien learns some...
  4. BJ Swabb

    Granderhill Volume One

    A Treaty Broken A Demon Released And A Prophecy that Needs To Commence After a great interruption from the Dark Trio things for the land of Granderhill turned from a peaceful land to a land of hiding and fear. With the great King of Torman missing, and no real heir to take the throne, the...