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mythological monsters

  1. J

    Does anyone know lesser known shape changers or people that have the powers of animals

    Im looking for things like Therianthropy (people who can shift into an animal form), man-weres (animals that can shift into a human form), and just other shape changers because im trying to write my own bestiary but i dont want to just use all the well known ones. If you know any Shape changers...
  2. G

    Creature Research!

    PLEASE HELP! I'm stuck on this one. I'm writing an urban fantasy legal thriller, and the main character's a lawyer who deals with "Arcane Law." She's got an appointment that has to take place at a very specific time and place because she's got a magical creature coming in as a witness and it...
  3. Arthur Steele

    My name is Steele, Arthur Steele.

    Hello, my name is Steele, Arthur Steele. Actually my name is Frank and I play the character of Arthur Steele in a web series I wrote called "The Steele Dossiers". Its about a film noir detective that investigates the supernatural and science fiction. Each short film in the series is based on...
  4. P.A. Trujillo

    Aquatic creatures

    I'm looking for some unique, original creatures from cultures and mythologies around the world to use in my canon of stories. And some of the most creative kinds of creatures, I think, are of the aquatic variety. Of course, my mind immediately turns to mermen (and, by extension, the similar...
  5. K


    So I’m working on a story haven’t written anything besides brainstorming the characters, types of creatures, etc. mostly been researching demons as that will be the monsters in the story. What type of demons are there? Can I make up my own? I found a couple of mythology demons that would fit my...
  6. Orc Knight

    Man, Monster and Magical Mutation

    So, just going to throw this out here and thought alliteration (?) was a good way to get attention. Anyways, on my story world of Eld, a lot of the monster line up came about either through drow alchemy or human alchemy. Though this only is in part of this. Magic was corrupted some time in the...