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new in town

  1. BlooisBleu

    Howdy there! New to writer here

    Heyy there! I'm fairly new to writing, or at the very least I'm just starting to get really/serious into writing as a hobby. I came across this place while looking for resources to help baby writers and I thought, "Hey why not," ya know. I hope to be as active and interactive as I can, as long...
  2. M


    Hi! I am MeWrite. I love love love love love to write and are trying to publish some of my books now called the Okracoke island mystery, the hidden earth, and a book of poems. I love writing Realistic Fiction, Fantasy, and poetry. Writing brings out the best of me and I hope to become one in...
  3. L.L. Maurizi

    first forum ever. no for real

    Hello, everyone! I'm new here. not only to this forum, but forums in general. i'm a relatively social person irl, but i tend to be more of a reader/lurker than an active participant online. I'm looking to change that for a number of reasons, but that's a story for another day :) So! I'm italian...
  4. Garde

    Yo I am new

    Yo, I'm Kira and I've been trying to find a writing forum site that is active and friendly. I am trying to find a place where I can ask for help and actually have people respond to it rather than it being eaten by the void. I am a writer/artist and have been making comics for years and used to...
  5. Shonen


    Greetings to you fellow fantasy lovers! Born in 30th December 1993, My journey of loving fantasy truly wasn't realised mainly because of Aspergers's. later in my life at 17-18 when I started College, I had always liked Lotr films which probably was my first true dive into proper fantasy. I...
  6. D

    Hello People

    I'll be going by my middle name on this site in order to not release too much unnecessary information on myself. Or, at least not for now. Any-who, my name is Danger, I'm an amateur author, artist and musician. I have many ideas for projects that I would like to do in a variance of mediums and...