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Greetings to you fellow fantasy lovers!

Born in 30th December 1993, My journey of loving fantasy truly wasn't realised mainly because of Aspergers's. later in my life at 17-18 when I started College, I had always liked Lotr films which probably was my first true dive into proper fantasy. I never liked reading books until I finished what I considered my first novel 'Mass Effect: Ascension' and loved it.
But how I truly appreciated the whole fantasy genre was Warcraft and revisiting Tolkien. My first Warcraft book 'Day of the Dragon' got me so hooked, I almost have all the Warcraft books. Tide of Darkness one of my all time favourite fantasy books and Warcraft book period. Even finished the Hobbit about a year and a half ago. Which got me interested in writing over drawing

I am SHONENJUMPGUY on fanfiction.net known for making the 29 chapter MLP:FiM story for over 5 years. And currently writing a Steven Universe fanfiction, not popular but I love writing.

For many years I've always messed around with ideas to try and write my own story even if I can't write to save my life.
I got lots of story ideas over the years, my issues was and still is making seemingly interesting concepts but struggle to make the big picture.

When I post more, I will share an idea that's always stuck around.

But for now, I am glad to be here and cannot wait to see what this site of to offer in terms of community, creativity of others, advice and new Ideas that may help me greatly

Sorry for the long post. I best sleep now, have a good day wherever you are!


Myth Weaver
Hail and well-met Shonen
Good to have you here.
I think the first thing I wrote was fanfic, many years ago. Probably before you were born...
There is a lot to explore around here.
Have a wander around and make yourself at home.
Hope your day is all you need it to be.