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  1. Lynea

    Do you enjoy reading, or is it more like a chore?

    I have a question for all you readers out there: In your adult life, have you actually ENJOYED reading? I've been sort of weirded out by my own shift from being an 'obligated' reader, to getting seriously into authors and their stories. I can't really pinpoint how or why it's happened. A...
  2. ThatOneParanormalWriter

    Recommendations for Children's/Young Adult Adventure Fantasy?

    Hello there. So I have been interested in adventure fantasy lately and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. I want a fantasy adventure novel (series or not) that is either in the children's fantasy/middle grade market or in the YA market. Everything from classics to more modern are...
  3. Toby Johnson

    How to find Your Writer's Voice.

    Hey there, to answer this question, I've made a video explaining it at a length that can be watched on the morning commute or while having breakfast. Please do make sure to comment on questions you'd like answered in a future video. Please do enjoy and be sure to subscribe for more questions...