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  1. F

    Reversia; a Clockwise Earth

    The Clockwise World New canon map V6 by Molotovsnowman as of March 1, 2024. Biome map by Molotov too Keep in mind this map assumes preindustrial CO2 levels. According to a quick Google search, otl earth has warmed up by roughly 1.1C since the start of the Industrial Revolution thanks to...
  2. 1MerryWriter

    Hello from 1MerryWriter

    Hello there, Even if I can't see you, it is a pleasure to meet you. I like to call myself 1MerryWriter. I think of it is an apt self-description. I found this forum through one my latest topics of research - AI (and specifically ChatGPT). If you have an interest in such topics, some of my...
  3. TheQuestForJarek

    Greetings: The Quest For Jarek

    Greetings everyone, great to be here! Please be sure to scope out my art and writing and hope to meet some people.
  4. M Corbett

    Artist to collaborate on a potential graphic novel

    I’m working on converting a well-received short story into a graphic novel and I need an artist to collaborate with. It's a fantasy-inspired sci-fi story about a teenage girl who is abducted by bird-like aliens and carried off to their craft of thorns. I think the current short story could be...
  5. N

    Short Story Entitled: The Superland Enigma

    Just a short story that needs working on and perhaps some improvement. It contains a lot of sci-fi/philosophical themes, which help establish a kind of allegorical nuance. The story also ventures into metaphysical realms of individual experience. Link to story: The Superland Enigma Synopsis...
  6. Eduardo Ficaria

    Looking for opinions about a sociopolitical setup for a cyberpunk setting

    For too long I've been stuck trying to figure out a proper sociopolitical structure that, in a cyberpunk setting, would allow me to have both AIs and ultrarich or very privileged people hold some decent degree of power. Today, it dawned on me a possible setup that could solve me that issue and I...
  7. Toby Johnson

    Open for commissions

    Hello all, I am now opening my doors to do writing commissions. I can write in a plethora of genres; but I am a specialist in medieval fantasy and sci-fi. Please contact me at [email protected] If you would like your ideas written.
  8. S.T. Ockenner

    What fantastical creatures are in your world (s)?

    What array of creatures are in your world? Are there any unique ones, or mostly traditional? What kinds of beasts? What kinds of beings? What kinds of spirits? Are there any special quirks/differences you give your creatures? Are wizards their own species, or just anyone who can use wizardry, or...
  9. Momtoast

    Enclosed Bio Systems (think biodome?)

    Ok, so maybe this is more sci-fi than fantasy, but I was hoping you would all brainstorm with me anyway. I have a plan for a novel where everyone lives in floating cities. Each city would basically be an enclosed ecosystem, possibly cycling in things from the atmosphere around them but that...
  10. The Crittenden Chronicles

    The Crittenden Chronicles

    This portfolio is to help me branch out and share my stories and poems with a more like-minded audience. It will consist of poetry and flash fiction; some unpublished, some published on my website. If you have any questions or want to talk about one of my pieces, message me! I'd love to chat. :)
  11. Captain's Log

    Captain's Log II

    Writing Date 9325.10 (pm) Hi folks, seems a while ago now, but how was your Christmas? Mine was mint (thanks for asking). I got a vinyl copy of Kamasi Washington’s Heaven and Earth; we saw Into the Spider-Verse on the big screen, and the day before Christmas Eve, the Cleveland Browns beat the...
  12. C


    MoonLady is a trademark inside my world building project and they´re the protagonist class too. My world is full of high tech zeppelins and combat suits and there´s this inter universe travel item. Most characters can travel to parallel universes that have been created for them to inhabit. We...
  13. Still Life with Flying Saucers #03

    Still Life with Flying Saucers #03

    Due to a malfunction in navigational instruments, off-worlders mistaken a still life arrangement for the the Crystalline Towers of Khlothar. http://www.richard-titus.com
  14. Still Life with Flying Saucers #02

    Still Life with Flying Saucers #02

    Although seldom reported, off-worlders enjoy participating in traditional, Terran still life paintings. Here a Pleiadian squadron perform a fly-by and pause to pose for inclusion in this rendering. www.richard-titus.com
  15. The Hall of Abandoned Banter --  Nibb

    The Hall of Abandoned Banter -- Nibb

    Governmental archive on the Island Kingdom of Nibb. ttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B89MR7B https://www.kobo.com/ebook/the-gift-of-the-quoxxel https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-gift-of-the-quoxxel-richard-titus/1132054082
  16. architecture of Nibb

    architecture of Nibb

    illustration from "The Gift of the Quoxxel" https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B89MR7B https://www.kobo.com/ebook/the-gift-of-the-quoxxel https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-gift-of-the-quoxxel-richard-titus/1132054082
  17. The Gift of the Quoxxel -- illustraton

    The Gift of the Quoxxel -- illustraton

    animal native to the island of Nibb (not a Quoxxel)
  18. towers of Nibb -- The Gift of the Quoxxel

    towers of Nibb -- The Gift of the Quoxxel

    King Norr was not content. He longed to know the world beyond his tiny, island kingdom of Nibb. Why travel elsewhere, his people said. What could be as perfect as Nibb? Even so, Norr wistfully watched foreign ships pass Nibb without so much as a hesitation. Why was that? Maybe the Quoxxel knew.
  19. Sekhmetka in the Jungle

    Sekhmetka in the Jungle

    My protagonist Sekhmetka sneaking through the Central African rainforest in search of the terrorists who killed her brother.
  20. Sekhmetka the Egyptian Special Ops

    Sekhmetka the Egyptian Special Ops

    This character may look African-American at first glance, but she's actually Egyptian, or more specifically Kemetic; she hails from an alternate timeline in which various civilizations from our ancient past have survived into the modern era. A rigorously trained warrior, she works as an agent of...