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MoonLady is a trademark inside my world building project and they´re the protagonist class too. My world is full of high tech zeppelins and combat suits and there´s this inter universe travel item. Most characters can travel to parallel universes that have been created for them to inhabit. We could say most of the stories happening in this world I´m discovering involve the participation of a MoonLady. My world is not Tolkien based fantasy, it´s more of a sci-Fi enfironment with elements that can be fantastic
So what's a MoonLady?
Nice question, thanks for asking it. They're Non Biological Persons when it comes to rights and legal affairs. They are non biological vessels in which a human connectome or human wetware (please forgive me I'm a lot on the soft Sci-Fi side) is uploaded.

Physically they look like an average woman (the vessel is given the shape of the holder of the connectome uploaded to the vessel) but they're just 60 to 70 cms tall. MoonLady vessels are made of precious, highly resistant materials.

MoonLady are women because I wanted to explore different traits. Having immortal, almost indestructible, 70 cms tall non biological men would lead the potential audience to ask for physical combat on an almost exclusive basis. Hollywood has given us plenty of cute little soldiers mingling with humans.

Of course MoonLady see a lot of action but I wanted to portray the human drama too. I want my approach to show both elements of the novel and the comic book/action movie/ video game as well. Physically we could expect a MoonLady to be a cute little fashionista doll with a girl next door type of body and a personality and heart of her own.
Thanks and more questions are more than welcome