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  1. Yel

    Hi Friends! I'm glad to be here! :)

    Name's Yel. I decided to join the community here because I want to read and discover more sci fi and fantasy fictions, and to attempt making my own saga. I don't know where to start. I faintly remembering myself whom was one of top students at literature back at middle school, about 2 decades...
  2. Eduardo Ficaria

    Tell me what you think about this cyberpunkish setting

    After a long hiatus and some good rethinking, I think I finally got the basic setting I needed for writing epic cyberpunk/scifi stories with a dash of dark fantasy vibe. Find it in narrated form after this introduction and let me know what you think of it with your comments! Myrias aberrant It...
  3. Eduardo Ficaria

    What do you think about this world building?

    I've written a sort of narrated summary of my setting, in which I've tried to condense the essential major themes, plots and players present in it. The idea is to use this as my "guiding star", beyond all the research I've already done, to which I can always come back to when I get "lost" while...
  4. ThatGreenWriter

    First Novel

    Hi, I'm new to Mythic Scribes and, as a young author, I am trying to write my first novel. Genre: Fantasy. I have always really enjoyed reading fantasy novels, and would love to know if anyone has written a fantasy novel before? I'm really enjoying the process so far, but I'm not sure I'm doing...
  5. Some of my Fantasy/Scifi/Humour works

    Walkabout - Chapter 1

    Here's the start of one I recently begun. It's only a short way in, so if you wish to read more, goto opuspath.com and check it out. Note, warning, whatever: Contains language. --- It was a medium sized city, somewhere in a place he'd never heard of. Ian had once seen a cartoon with a man...
  6. Some of my Fantasy/Scifi/Humour works

    Some of my Fantasy/Scifi/Humour works

    I've been churning cra... er, highly intelligent writing for a while now, so thought I'd share some of it here. Why not already. I mostly write fantasy and scifi, though with some tongue in cheek humour thrown in as well. Also some works that are quite adult. And I don't generally hold...
  7. Bear

    Strange Events Even for an Apocalypse new release

    Hello! Back in 2011 I released Extinction Chronicles. The collection of stories contained a short story titled The Observer. In 2012, a prequel, A Breath Before Sunrise expanded on the world and introduced new elements to the storyline. Strange Events Even for an Apocalypse details the...
  8. Otherworldly Woman

    Otherworldly Woman

    Physicists experimenting with trans-universal travel have discovered a parallel world where dinosaurs like those of our own planet's prehistory still roam. Although this "Otherworld" has since been colonized by Terrans fleeing an ecologically devastated Earth, it was already home to an...