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urban fantasy

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    Suggestions for comparative titles

    I'm about to start querying my latest book to literary agents in the UK (possibly elsewhere, too), and have been told that including a few comparative titles can be helpful. The problem is, I'm struggling to come up with some! So far I've got Ben Aaronivich's Rivers of London and not much else...
  2. Project Furdeverse

    Project Furdeverse Introduction

    Project Furdeverse is my personal multiverse, made for my stories, such as Doppelgangfur. It has three main unique aspects. Universe Travelling Project Furdeverse consists of a central universe, with hundreds of alternate universes surrounding it both very similar and wildly different. The...
  3. Project Furdeverse

    Project Furdeverse

    Project Furdeverse is the term for the multiverse project where Doppelgangfur and related stories take place. Doppelgangfur is my urban fantasy project featuring a mostly nonhuman cast of anthropomorphic animals and magical races. There are 4 primary sentient species: Humans, Furrai...
  4. Captain's Log III

    Captain's Log III

    Writing Date 9409.8 (pm) Hi folks, how’s it going? Hope your storytelling motors are all purring away, keyboards clicking as you race along those open arcs and winding plot-lines. My own writing engine could do with a good run out, truth be told. I’m at the tail end of things now; thinking...