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  1. Toby Johnson

    How to find Your Writer's Voice.

    Hey there, to answer this question, I've made a video explaining it at a length that can be watched on the morning commute or while having breakfast. Please do make sure to comment on questions you'd like answered in a future video. Please do enjoy and be sure to subscribe for more questions...
  2. Maker of Things Not Kings

    A Little Writing Advice Appreciated

    Hey Scribes, I'm finding myself with a problem I can't seem to overcome on my own. If this is in your wheelhouse, some well rounded advice would be appreciated! I'm going to give you as much info as I can, so I apologize here if this run long. I'm currently working on three books. All three...
  3. Laurence

    How Much do you Separate Your Narrative Voice?

    Those of you that are writing / have written third person: does your narrative voice somewhat mirror the voice of the POV? Does it depend how close you are to the character or does your narrator have its own distinct voice all the way through? I'm particularly interested in examples with...