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  1. Electro Queen

    Questions about fantasy weapons and weapon design

    Man its been awhile since I’ve posted anything on this website. This one’s gonna be a little different though. Rather than asking a single question in relation to a single underlying story/world building problem, this one’s gonna be broken down into a list of different questions all about a...
  2. J

    What POD Would I Need to Make the European “Flag Samurais” a Reality?

    In honor of the much-delayed Tokyo Olympics, Japanese artists (I've never found their names) have drawn the flags of all the nations personified as anime warriors. For this question, let's focus on the following nations: United Kingdom of Great Britain Italy Finland Sweden Spain...
  3. S.T. Ockenner

    Weird Weapon/Creature/Magic Ideas

    Here, I'll share one of mine: Wait...what if you put sulfuric acid IN a brick? Then it would be perfect for battle! Break the brick on a wall, and acid sprays down on a bunch of people! The people will just think you're throwing a brick at them, so they'll duck...then acid falls on their head...