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  1. BJ Swabb

    Chapter One: The Raid of Torman

    Days and days have gone by, as the city of Torman has no king sitting upon it's throne. Dorlius the king's advisor and the grand wizard of old, has taken place as Stewart until King Aldimus returns. The days went by as they always suspected. Calm and no threat to the city, as the people labored...
  2. A

    Hylos VS Tempest

    Hylos emerged from the dense forest into a large clearing, the place that he last encountered the species that he was calling Tempest Crows. He strode into the clearing with purpose, making no attempt to sneak up on the enormous bird. Hylos was not considered a short man among Piminians, and...
  3. Some of my Fantasy/Scifi/Humour works

    The Lord of All

    One of my latest ones. Fantasy. Velvet, a young woman, is rescued from an attack by two strangers. She finds out they are just trying to get back home, and decides to help them. Unfortunately, this task is going to involve a lot more than taking a ship to another city! Brief Excerpt: The...
  4. Toby Johnson

    What are some good side quests?

    In one of my latest books I want a list of side quests so that, if the story just gets a bit bland and boring: such as walking though a forest, I can add in something to break it up. The story is set in Medieval fantasy and my characters in the group are and elf, a dwarf, a wizard, and a human...
  5. S.T. Ockenner

    Odd Powers For Wizards

    Does anyone here have wizards with strange powers? Example: I have a wizard who can light his tongue on fire, and anything he pees on comes to life.
  6. S.T. Ockenner

    Should Wizards and Dwarves mix?

    Should wizards and dwarves mix?
  7. Archmages Kinzer and Drake

    Archmages Kinzer and Drake

    The Archmages Kinzer and her great grandson Drake. Kinzer is a half-Succubi, who leads The Watchers, assisted by her great grandson, who is a master of dimensional and parallel world travel. From "Bane of the Necromancers".
  8. In the blood 3

    In the blood 3

    Aurei, now a Paladin, confronts her biological parents-who are vampires- for the first time. From 'Bane of the Necromancers'.