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Chapter One: The Raid of Torman

Days and days have gone by, as the city of Torman has no king sitting upon it's throne. Dorlius the king's advisor and the grand wizard of old, has taken place as Stewart until King Aldimus returns. The days went by as they always suspected. Calm and no threat to the city, as the people labored each day with work and chore. The Kings guard's daughter Evelyn has been keeping busy with her nose in books, reading up on the knowledge of magic, spells, the lands and people of Granderhill, and the different creatures residing with in the Shadowlands. Sitting in the royal gardens, Evelyn sits under a grand pear tree leaning against the trunk while butterflies, dragonflies, and bees zoom too and fro with in the great garden. The sky is bright with the sun, as white clouds drift through the blue colored air.

As she sat there calm and tranquil, a sudden shadow came over her. The sky began to darken; the clouds begin to show signs of rain and lightning. The weather not normal, it was out of place. This made Evelyn concerned as she stood to her feet and closed her book. As she stared up at the sky,

Dorlius shows up in a rush gesturing his arm with a wave, "Come my child. We must make haste."

"What's wrong master? What has happened with the weather?" Evelyn asks with worry. I will tell you when we are safe inside." Dorlius tells the teen girl as he opens a secret entrance from the garden.

Descending down a spiral staircase, Dorlius leads Evelyn down which seemed to lead to the dungeons of the castle. There the wizard makes way down an aisle of cells where many have been held due to serious crimes. Walking by each cell, Evelyn looks upon men, women, hooved humanoids like centaurs and alcetaurs

Approaching the end of the aisle, Dorlius comes to a solid stone wall. There he taps his staff upon three different areas upon the wall. The wall suddenly shifted it's bricks creating an archway where a large wood door stood. There Dorlius opens the door and they enter. Beyond the door, stood a study, a room where a large desk, bookcases of scrolls, potions, weird objects in jars, books, and several other items stood against the wall. Two large arm chairs sits across from one another one behind the large unique wood desk, while the other sits in front.
Against another wall a cot, and a wood-burning stove. A gold perch with a large crimson bird sit next to the large wood desk. Scrolls, parchments, quills, books and other odd items sits unorganized on the desk.

"Where are we?" Evelyn asks her master.

"My private study. Only I and now you know of this place. No one else may no of it's location." Dorlius strongly comments. "I hope you can keep this to yourself."

"Yes Master Dorlius. Your secret is safe with me." Evelyn nods with respect.

"But why are we here?" "I have terrible news my dear Evelyn. Granderhill I fear is no longer a safe world. It has seemed that the Sinister Three have succeeded in releasing the Demon King from his prison, and that those who follow him are spreading across the lands as we know it. Many heading this way." Dorlius sighs.

"And what of my mother? What of the king?" Evelyn questions.

"The word is that they have not made it. They have been ambushed by a horde of evil. I fear the king may be dead, as is your mother. Trixie the pixie has delivered such a message to me." Dorlius states with a huff of sadness.

Tears begin to fall down Evelyn's cheek, as she knew in her heart that she will never see her mother again. Sniffling Evelyn wipes her nose with the top of her hand and looks up at Dorlius, "What do we do master? What is to come of Torman? What is to become of us?"

"We stay strong my dear pupil. The king and your mother would want that. A plan I have in mind, but this plan must include you my dear. You maybe the only hope Granderhill has to survive and find peace once more." Dorlius states as he walks over behind his desk and grabs a vile of a blue potion.

"Master what is the potion for?" Evelyn inquests.

“This is a sleeping potion. A powerful one that will place one into a deep sleep until a time of event comes to present" Dorlius states

"Are you putting yourself to sleep, master?" Evelyn asks.

"No, the potion is for you my dear Evelyn. It has come to the period of time in which this potion must be used. The shadows are casting over the lands and taking over with no one to stand in their way. The king of Granderhill is no more, and the sanctions will be in question of who must take over." Dorlius states as he opens the vile, pulling out the cork.

"But there is hope still. A prophecy has been made of one who may defeat the Demon King and bring reconciliation to our world once again. The heir to Granderhill, the rightful king will be ready in the year 2023. He will be named Damien, and will be the age of fourteen."

"And what does this have to do with placing me under a deep slumber, master?" Evelyn asks fiddling with her hands.

"You will be place under until the year 2023, and find the heir, bring him here and guide him to be the king he is meant to be." Dorlius commands. "You and you alone is the only one I trust. There is no other that I can depend on to fulfill this mission."

"But why not you? Why not place you under and have you look for the boy?" Evelyn asks.

"Because my place is here and now. Besides I feel one who may be of certain age can convince another of the same age range to follow through with the plan." Dorlius sighs. "Evelyn this is not an easy decision, but is the only one I feel may be the right way to go."

A sudden blast of horn blows with warning. Cries and shrieks are heard outside the castle walls. Doors slam, iron boots clank upon the stone grounds, and clinking of blades project from hallow areas as Torman is over ran by many dark creatures and wild men.

Worried, Dorlius hands the vile and looks deeply into the young girl's brown eyes. "Lay down upon the cot my child."

Dorlius gestures to the cot in the corner. Evelyn walks over and lays down, bow and quiver leans against a wood chair that sat next to the cot. She takes the vile from her master and drinks it, as Dorlius waves his hands over her body and mumbles an enchantment of elven language. Evelyn's eyes begin to heavy, as she lays there. She closes her eyes and breaths in and out slowly as she falls into a deep slumber. A magical gold dome shield projects around her, ceiling her inside like a butterfly in a cocoon. The clinking and slamming of cell doors swing open out with in the castle's dungeon.

Cries of happiness is heard as the prisoners escape and flee the dark underground cavern of iron barred cells cased with stone bricks. The old wizard rushes over to his desk and sits down. He takes out a quill and parchment and begins writing. With a final sentence upon the parchment, Dorlius rolls it up, places a gold ribbon around it and sets it on top of Evelyn's gold dome.

Grabbing his staff, Dorlius rushed over to the wood door, and exits. Closing the door behind him, Dorlius waves his hand across the door, placing a magical shield of protection over. A rattle echoes with in the dungeon walls, followed by a hiss. Dorlius turns around and looks with caution. Stepping away from the dungeon wall, the stones move back into place hiding the wood door behind it. Cautiously the wizard walks down the dungeon aisle, when a gorgon named Jesselle slithers from behind, wraps her coiled body around the wizard and stares into the wizard's blue eyes. Shocked, the wizard's skin and clothes slowly transforms into stone, freezing him into a stone statue. Hissing and flipping her forked tongue, Jesselle uncoils herself from the wizard. Tilting her head she speaks, "Shame, not a inch of resistance or fight. Dorlius the great is not so great indeed."

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