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  1. Elaichi

    Women by Women

    Can any of you please recommend me some good books with female protagonists written by women, it would help me write women characters better Thank you
  2. Sekhmetka in the Jungle

    Sekhmetka in the Jungle

    My protagonist Sekhmetka sneaking through the Central African rainforest in search of the terrorists who killed her brother.
  3. Sekhmetka the Egyptian Special Ops

    Sekhmetka the Egyptian Special Ops

    This character may look African-American at first glance, but she's actually Egyptian, or more specifically Kemetic; she hails from an alternate timeline in which various civilizations from our ancient past have survived into the modern era. A rigorously trained warrior, she works as an agent of...
  4. Ahmose-Nefertari


    Ahmose-Nefertari was the sister and Great Wife of Ahmose I, the first Pharaoh of ancient Egypt's New Kingdom. At one point her husband lent to her the responsibility of administering temple property, estates, workshops, and treasures. She was also the mother of Amenhotep I and may have served as...
  5. Queen Tiye, King Tut's Grandma

    Queen Tiye, King Tut's Grandma

    The Great Royal Wife of Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep III and the grandmother of the famous Tutankhamun, Queen Tiye was an intelligent and fierce woman who wielded a lot of influence at her husband's court and became his trusted adviser. Foreign rulers were often willing to deal directly with her...
  6. Hatshepsut and Cleopatra VII

    Hatshepsut and Cleopatra VII

    Two of Egypt's most famous female monarchs, Pharaoh Hatshepsut on the left and Cleopatra VII on the right. Hatsy doesn't seem too pleased with Cleo for taking her spotlight in Western pop culture. I was aiming for a somewhat "Rihanna" look for Cleo with the wavy hair and light brown...
  7. Bride of Perseus Cover V2

    Bride of Perseus Cover V2

    Another experimental cover for Bride of Perseus. This time I drew and colored the background myself and chose a bolder, more African-looking font. I like this more than the last cover.
  8. Perseus and Andromeda

    Perseus and Andromeda

    This is the third time I've drawn Andromeda, the mythical Ethiopian princess who married the Greek demigod Perseus, but this time I've paired her with her hubby. As you might have guessed from his short hair, Perseus's look was drawn from Sam Worthington's portrayal of his character in the...
  9. Andromeda's Portrait

    Andromeda's Portrait

    A facial portrait of Andromeda, a mythical Ethiopian princess who married the Greek demigod Perseus after he rescued her from a sea monster. It's been a long time since I last did a drawing with the shading and skin tone rendering all done by pencil; most of the time I pencil in only the line...
  10. Andromeda, Bride of Perseus

    Andromeda, Bride of Perseus

    In Greek mythology, Andromeda was an Ethiopian princess who married the demigod hero Perseus (of Clash of the Titans fame). Perseus had rescued her from being sacrificed to the sea monster Cetus, and after they married they had seven sons and two daughters whose descendents would rule the Greek...
  11. Ouggiri, Princess of Tanehsu

    Ouggiri, Princess of Tanehsu

    Main character for a story I'm writing... NAME: Ouggiri AGE: 25 HOME COUNTRY: The Kingdom of Tanehsu OCCUPATION: Princess (with Queenly ambitions) EQUIPMENT: Bronze spear and dagger PERSONALITY: Ouggiri is a compassionate and brave woman who believes in nurturing and protecting her...
  12. Ouggiri the Nubian Warrior Princess

    Ouggiri the Nubian Warrior Princess

    When King Ajala of Nubia dies from poisoning, his vengeful daughter Ouggiri swears to hunt down whoever is responsible, but little does she know how close the culprits really are to her...
  13. Qalhata, Princess of Keshta

    Qalhata, Princess of Keshta

    The proud daughter of Pharaoh Anhurimose of Keshta, Qalhata has inherited from godly ancestors the power of divination, allowing her to see people's deepest secrets and see across thousands of miles. The domineering High Priest Baerna seeks her hand in marriage, but Qalhata finds the prospect so...