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Ouggiri, Princess of Tanehsu
Main character for a story I'm writing...

NAME: Ouggiri
AGE: 25
HOME COUNTRY: The Kingdom of Tanehsu
OCCUPATION: Princess (with Queenly ambitions)
EQUIPMENT: Bronze spear and dagger
PERSONALITY: Ouggiri is a compassionate and brave woman who believes in nurturing and protecting her people as if they were her own children. However, as might be expected for a princess, she has an arrogant and pampered attitude and doesn't take criticism very well.
BIOGRAPHY: Ouggiri is the daughter of King Ajala of Tanehsu. When he passed away, Ajala said his throne would pass down to her, but the politically influential Priests of the Sun elected her more conservative half-brother Nalsu into power instead. Nalsu now rules Tanehsu as a stingy tyrant, so Ouggiri has run away to the southern jungle kingdom of Yam to raise an army against him. Along the way, she meets a handsome and cocky adventurer named Godric from distant Albion, but he may be hiding something about his past from her...
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