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world creation

  1. Adiam Gaunt

    Gods as head of state. (1/?)

    Salves comes, this is my first post and I'm sure only the beginning. I am currently in the midst of worldbuilding a setting that I intend to use in my future creative projects, based around one idea: What if the Gods of a setting, instead of being shunted off into their own little planes of...
  2. Nimbia: The druids of Prima

    Nimbia: The druids of Prima

    here im posting the stories and lore of the godess Prima and her druids, archdruids and some other creatures that inhabit the forests and lush jungles of Prima at the East of Nimbia, I will also include the different uses of druidcraft and accept some help from here to implement stuff and create...
  3. A

    How many MPG do you get for your fantasy worlds?

    Many people on here seem to put vast amounts of effort into creating/building fantasy worlds. So my question is how many works do you normally get out of your newly created worlds? Does the amount of works/books you intend to write from a fantasy world impact how detailed you get when designing it?