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writing style

  1. Asdrashari_Tales

    What styles of writing do you think best fit your world-building (and why you're good at it)?

    I've written bits and pieces of narrative when I was in secondary school, which is often discouraged because of exams (because it's harder to score well in papers for narrative, compared to descriptive and argumentative pieces). Fast forward to post-graduation education, almost everything I...
  2. Shonen

    Making Fictional Languages

    I will admit, in my previous thread, I did admit to having a terrible understanding of the English language and understanding the details of the literature. As much as I wanted to create my own languages, I realised when having a chat with users, it wasn't going to be easy. I have tried...
  3. Writer’s_Magic

    How can I get an extreme fluffy writing style?

    Yeah! I know, what you are going to say, “Write! Read! And practice!”. I did it, and I didn’t stop to do it yet. But it doesn’t work. However, a fluffy writing style is important. The reader doesn’t want eyesore because you wrote too many words. So, do you have other tips than what I wrote and...