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writing tips

  1. Maker of Things Not Kings

    A Little Writing Advice Appreciated

    Hey Scribes, I'm finding myself with a problem I can't seem to overcome on my own. If this is in your wheelhouse, some well rounded advice would be appreciated! I'm going to give you as much info as I can, so I apologize here if this run long. I'm currently working on three books. All three...
  2. Babayaga321

    Managing the Passage of Years

    Hi all... I'm just returning to a novel I have pretty-much half completed and have a question about how best to deal with the passage of time? My protagonist is an 11 year-old girl, daughter of the previous ruler of the World, who was spirited away to safety as a baby by a trusted witch as the...
  3. Captain's Log

    Captain's Log

    Writing Date 9260.6 (pm) Hi gang - welcome to the Captain’s Log. This journal’s been running since October 1998, but I’ve never gone public with it before, so … be gentle. My name’s Phil Busby (Wiglaf on Mythic Scribes). I live with my wonderful wife Susie and our two fantastic teenage kids on...
  4. Captain's Log

    Captain's Log

    From Here to Publicity - the trials and tribulations of a fantasy writer trying to finish off and publish his first novel.
  5. E

    Does a compelling villians need to have redeemable qualities?

    A dark sorceress has discovered a form of immortality. By transferring her soul into a still living body, she can extend her life. The spell's success rate will depend on the relationship between the praticioner and the victim. They must share the same blood and lineage for the transfer to be...