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There once was a magical land called Lithuania. For half a year the land was white as sugar, a quarter red like fire and an eighth like watery rivers. It was a calm place, where human beings were nice to each other and liked to dance. On certain occasions, they would light up the city with electric sparkles, drink a juice made from berries that made you laugh (and even drink sweetened mud). Their hats had little fluffy tufts made from rabbit fur and their gloves were made from cows. They drank water tapped from trees, flavoured with aloe vera and had candles with wax melting on the tables in restaurants.

Sometimes, inhabitants of this land would board a bus with wings and fly for an hour over the forest to the land of Ukraine. Ukraine was a borderland between Russia and Europe. It was a futuristic city where the clouds only reached the sixth floor of the towers and everything was grey.

When the guests of Kiev would stay in the towers, they could see large circles with flashing lights through their windows. As they tried to sleep, instead of their worries from the day and words, and itches, keeping them up - instead it was the crashes of rather loud music from these circles. Taxi drivers referred to them as "places for de football". Now and again, those from both countries would go to work in a land of Engs. Engs had a good reputation amongst other countries, and even in the most far-flung corners of the world, human beings would know how to converse in the Eng's tongues, although, it was rather hard for them to discuss philosophy in anything other than their native tongue (and only after a fair few glasses of the berry juice that makes you laugh).

This land had many "discos" where you could find those who like to jump around to drum noises very early in the morning, and sometimes for days at a time they would congregate in muddy fields, usually surrounded in, nearly a circle by people wearing yellow vests. How odd. Yellow vests, were they the colour of the religious folk? Who knew, not even the Engs themselves.

When those from the land of Kiev, Lithuania and Ukraine all met in the middle, they would work hard and smile a lot when the work was finished. Maybe it was something in the tea made from daisies.

However, those from the land of Eng usually wouldn't wear rabbit, unless it was a very cold occasion or they'd got the attire from a market stall.

Those humans would wiggle their fingers often over springs with letters attached to a screen that shone bright into the evenings. Sometimes they would even shout at the screens, especially about L****** - I don't want to write that out because it causes so many problems. (IT means when your screen is being slow).

Another curious fact is that in France, which lies between the Engs, Kiev and Lithuania, they eat white rubber a lot. They call it "cheese" which is also linked to flashing lights and I cannot work out why. In addition, when you bathe, you have a remote control that changes the colour of the light in the wet box you're in, with different settings. Sometimes slow, other times pulsating and other times fast, light the things in the discotheque.

The land of Tel Aviv is also a strange bit of ground. It's very hard to enter the ground. But when you're in - the bustle is amazing. You can take electric scooters across the waterfront, and eat whatever you like. Burgers are a Tel Avivian delicacy.

The next land for me to document is Norvejia. The sostine is Oslas. It is said, the great Saltibart made Norway as a replica of Africa, only with more ice and geese and less humans. Also, the fish talk to humans there. Humans wear boots that are red with a glowing trail of sequins that shoot out from the heels so you can always find each other on Friday and Saturday night.

Norvejians have rivers made from gold, with talking fish the size of dolphins, leaping out of them into the air. You can even replace the buses with wings for them, as long as you ask them to transport you nicely.

They, that is the humans of Norvejia, love music which they call "Inka". Inka is usually written by the Engs. Therefore, there is the upmost respect for the Engs. They usually gift Engs with gifts of books when they arrive on flying buses. There are also more statues of writers than there are in Lithuania, Kiev and Eng combined.

Anyway, back to Inka. It is said the home for the art was deriven from South America. A land where there are not many humans with red hair and skin like the sugar in Lithuania. However, the inka is written to be slightly different. Because it makes your knees bop and your hips sway in the most magical of ways.

In all of these countries there is no such thing as an "Editor" so the most breathtaking literatire is marked on treeskin.

Also, no one ever cries, no one is ever hungry and your friends live for all eternity.

It is said, in all the lands that if a friend is ill, you should write a story exactly like this and they will recover quickly. Also, friends and dogs are reunited in the sky and there are unlimited dog biscuits.

Wishing all human beings on earth love. Until next time, the Universe is always happy.

(note from me: yes I'm making deriven a word, I've user it for-eva. It's staying ;)same with upmost. How are they even typos?! & also... Is this the right place to post this kinda thing coz I don't want to get it critted would be cool if instead peeps could add their own ideas? I <3 English language but also <3 internet speak is that ok for notes? Won't go too overboard with the slang... yet)


So I think for my next stuff I can go a bit darker and get some serious drama going on - or explore the worlds a bit more and start building the worlds and cultures out a bit more. I think this cross between real word places and experiences and fantastically dreamt up stuff is going to be my non-non-fiction style.