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All the Worlds

Discussion in 'Fantasy Art' started by Lunaairis, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. Nomadica

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    What program did you you to make this little clip? Id like to do something like that with a parallax scrolling effect for my on-line graphic novel I'm trying to make, which at this pace will be done in 20 years.​
  2. Lunaairis

    Lunaairis Sage

    I used Photoshop for that one in particular. I've done more complex gif's with more animation using aftereffects.

    A more complex one being this : Detective at rest

    Personally I liked using aftereffects in combination with a free program called "screen to gif" it captures videos on your screen and can produce high-quality gif's but compresses the files in such a way that doesn't remove their quality but makes the files smaller and more manageable for the web.
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